Welcome to the Observatory Beta Test!


Observatory is a .NET library that makes high-quality interactive data visualizations. Use it to visualize all kinds of numerical data: scatter plots, histograms, heat maps, images - even mathematical functions.

Scope of this BETA test

The Observatory .NET API has been used directly in professional environments for over 2 years. More recently, I've created wrapper libraries that allow for easy access from Python and MATLAB. I'm looking for users to test out these new interfaces, but you are free to use the .NET API directly as well.


You must be running in a Windows 7+ environment.
I cannot provide MALTAB licenses, so if you'd like to use the MATLAB API, you need to either already have a MATLAB license, or contact MathWorks to obtain one.
You should be comfortable writing scripts in either MATLAB or Python.
You should be willing to send me email feedback about anything and everything you think should be improved :-)


For helping out in this BETA test, you'll receive a free lifetime personal license to use Observatory. Following the BETA test, personal and professional licenses will not be free for the general public.

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